Does gender effect how much one will make?

Based on our research: Yes, females in America make less than men.

Our sources suggest that most employers prefer to hire males in minimum wage jobs, but females are hired they frequently receive less pay than men, furthermore, if you are female of a minority you are more likely to feel the consequences of the wage gap. Females making less than men is an on-going issue, however, there are sources that suggest this gap is slowly closing (Gender, Inequality, and Wages). 

Why do women make less than men?

The Western world has only recently adopted women into the work place. The 1920’s is when women suffrage went into place and 1935-1945 is when women went into the front lines of the work place. Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.04.31 PM

Although there are many working to close this gap, men have had the authority in the work place for a while and change will obviously take time. (Forging a partnership)

How is the issue currently being addressed?

Our research has shown us that this is an issue that surpasses the minimum wage atmosphere, in fact, the higher paid jobs see more inequality (“Unequal Pay for Women”). The main issue is that most women are unaware that they are receiving unequal pay, and we they do find out they are sure how to fix the problem. The term “77 of 1.00” is a common slogan when it comes to woman, but many believe the problem stems far from that. This is something that has been engraved in many peoples brain, “men should make more than woman.”- Jana Kasperkevic.



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